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100,000 € housing concept

MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects

“The low-cost, low-impact dream home” describes in a nutshell the economic, environment and social prerequisites underpinning “The 100K € Home” (a home for 100.000 Euros) research project. As well as allowing homeowners to express their different identities and lifestyles, each apartment is a “bio-climatic” machine thanks to the passive and active strategies employed. “The only thing that’s preordained in the building is the outer frame”, explains Mario Cucinella. “All the interior spaces can be arranged as required. The exterior becomes a social space providing a series of communal facilities like bicycle-access ramps, laundries and urban furniture”.
The architectural and environment programme brings together form, optimal building orientation, alternating solids and voids, an outer envelope, cantilevers, communal terraces, and active and passive heating and cooling strategies,...

15.00 €
4.49 €

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