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Shark Alley House

Fearon Hay Architects

Oceania | Great Barrier Island

Shark Alley House is a summer holiday home on Great Barrier Island, 90 kilometres northeast of Auckland, New Zealand and reachable by sea or short-hop flights. The island’s main attraction is its natural beauty. Strict environment safeguard laws are in force to protect certain rare plant and animal species.
Sited at the southern end of Medlands Beach between the sea and a backdrop of protective hills, half way between sandy shore and steep hills covered with native bush, the residence designed by Fearon Hay Architects fits unobtrusively into its natural context. Its extremely essential lines are very much in keeping with life amidst virgin surroundings.
The tight ground plan of this single storey building creates a series of well-defined environments. The night zone on the south side comprises two separate areas. The first - two master bedrooms, each with their own bathroom...

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