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7-9 Merrion Row and The Billets

Grafton Architects

Europa | Dublino

The new Department of Finance offices by Grafton Architects stands in a particularly historic part of central Dublin, at the end of an 18th century Georgian terrace and flanked by St. Stephen’s Green with its Huguenot Cemetery. The new architecture seeks to resonate with its historical surrounds while standing out in its own right. Clad in natural stone of varying shades of grey, the building comprises two-volumes of different height, the smaller frontal section forming a strong end-piece to the existing terrace. It then negotiates a shift in scale as it develops backward to link at right angles - by means of a glazed passage - to “The Billets”, a two-storey “mews” type listed building.
The project allocated 3,358 sq m to the new building and recovered 891 sq m of The Billets. This latter is given over to shared facilities like meeting rooms and canteen, functions in keeping with...

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