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Parque Biblioteca España

Giancarlo Mazzanti Arquitectos

America meridionale | Medellín

Inaugurated in 2007, the public library “Parque Biblioteca España” in the Columbian city of Medellín combines symbol and function: it bears witness to a community’s desire for social renewal, and indicates how inequalities can be lessened by spreading knowledge in contemporary society. Giancarlo Mazzanti’s winning project in the 2005 competition held by the Medellín city council reveals a deeply pondered view of architecture’s role in society.
His architecture resonates with both the immediate urban fabric and the vast plain stretching out below. Its materials and form have an osmotic relationship with their context. The three huge blocks making up the library complex stand out against the skyline of a city sprawling over undulating slopes enclosed by the craggy summits of an Andes mountain chain. Rising amidst a jumble of makeshift houses, mainly in brick, their arrangement...

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