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Mumuth, house for music and music theatre

Ben van Berkel UNStudio

Europa | Graz

Architecture encompasses an appreciation of the most ordinary items of daily life. It lays down a “moral geometry” that keeps us mindful of our place in the greater scheme of the universe. Now more than ever, such an understanding is needed. Austria in particular has always sustained a profound belief in the analogy between the inner lives and outer manifestation of nature in the mineral world. It is a prominent theme in Adalbert Stifter’s works like Bergkristall, Kalkstein and Bunte Stein (Rock Crystal, Limestone and Colourful Stones, respectively). Goethe too believed in the ultimate Polarität of nature and existence. Appropriately, only a few steps away from the new Music Theatre on a small street named after Hugo Wolf, there is a sculpture by Fritz Hartlauer: Kristall. Made of curving sandstone and extending wider than a pair of outstretched arms, it is an endless proliferation of...

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