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Beijing: a metropolis straddling past and future

Steven Holl Architects | Herzog & de Meuron | Kengo Kuma and Associates | OMA Rem Koolhaas | Foster and Partners | GMP - Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner | MADA S.P.A.M. | Paul Andreu

Asia | Pechino

The Beijing Olympics focused the world’s attention on a handful of headline buildings. Herzog & de Meuron’s National Stadium, Foster + Partners’ Airport Terminal 3, and OMA’s CCTV Headquarters are marvels of architecture and engineering, created in collaboration with Arup and the leading Chinese institutes of architecture and design. By demanding the best work at great speed, the authorities dazzled the world and enriched a city that has been almost completely rebuilt in the past fifteen years. These and other buildings symbolize the newly achieved wealth and self-confidence of a nation that has emerged from a century and a half of poverty, invasion, turmoil and oppression. And they demonstrate a sense of continuity with the past, as monuments that bear comparison with the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City.
To put this achievement in perspective, one should visit the...

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