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Atelier Fleuriste


Europa | Torino

Coming across the Atelier Fleuriste in a quiet street of Chieri, a small town near Turin characterised by 1960s apartment blocks and the odd local playing field, is an unexpected encounter. Set in a row of 19th century houses, the brick façade has been replaced by glass panes down which flows a steady stream of running water. The new elevation aligns with the other houses giving the impression that one of them has been removed and a glasshouse slotted into its place. As well as its extraordinary impact, the new insertion radically changes the perspective of the whole row.
Stefano Pujatti, founder of the practice Elastico Spa, rejoices in the unexpected, delighting in creating quality architecture by putting everyday materials to unusual use. He tends to steer clear of high-tech solutions or spectacular effects, preferring ingenious ways of solving the problems of a brief while at...

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