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“Kloostertuin” Housing Estate

Wiel Arets

Europa | Apeldoorn

A vacant lot on the outskirts of the Dutch city of Apeldoorn was the site of this housing estate for about 50 homes, a project by the Wiel Arets practice, winner of a competition held in 2000.
Situated close to a major road, the programme comprises an outer circle of houses in conjunction with two parallel internal roads that leaves a central green area for communal use. Housing typologies and their arrangement are deliberately varied: semi-detached, detached, single family and compact row houses. In this way, the architects acknowledge contemporary lifestyles and its mix of social and individual requirements. As a statement of unity within diversity, the programme provides a residential ensemble with clearly identifiable common characteristics but where each private dwelling has subtle individual differences and specificities. It is architecture that responds generously to the...

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