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C+S Associati

Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini graduated from the Venice Architecture Faculty in 1991. Their first work opportunity came through a competition that they won in 1993, before reaching the age of 30. The resulting twelve two-storey apartments at Marcon (Venice) are set on a slight curve intended to soften the light with a subtle play of chiaroscuro. The effect is enhanced by recessing the upper storey slightly and cladding it in whitened wood. The building gained a mention at the Luigi Cosenza award in 1998, presaging a bright career.
In 1997 they designed a school complex at Caprino Veronese which won the City of Oderzo prize in 2001. 1999 saw the couple working on the Venetian island of Sant’Erasmo: the project was to provide cultural facilities and restore the Massimiliana tower. It would gain numerous accolades: national awards and mention for the Mies van der Rohe....

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