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A Bioclimatic House

Carlo Barbieri

Europa | Santorso

Designed by Carlo Barbieri, this detached residence in Santorso, north-east Italy, is remarkable for at least two features.
First, the brilliant, economically valid solution to the problem posed by the accidental discovery during excavation of the remains of a 7th-8th century BC building. Classed as worthy of documentation but not so important as to forbid new building, the remains were surveyed, photographed and then reburied under the new building’s foundations inside a concrete envelope for future generations. The decision to restrict the building’s foundations to the area already inspected led to the striking first-floor cantilever. This practical solution to a contingent problem has been exploited to great aesthetic effect, creating a pleasing split-level residence. This in turn led to the choice of different cladding materials to mark out the two storeys:...

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