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Public Library and Reading Park

MartÍn Lejarraga

The project is a deliberate challenge to today’s outlying urban environments, an outspoken plea for architecture to counter the urban sprawl of so many Spanish cities in the 21st century.
In a period of grandiose architectural gestures set in drab surrounds - new, tightly-packed warrens for outlying dormitory areas - Martín Lejarraga has responded with a library building that projects no image and deliberately seeks self-effacement. For the municipal library of Torre-Pacheco is the opposite of a statement building. It does its best to camouflage itself under a city park designed for outdoor games, community life, and reading.
The library building lies in a hollow in the park’s central square, its sloping walls taking visitors down towards the ‘font of knowledge’. The architect has created a “crater of ideas”, a subterranean architecture that ecologically exploits underground...

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