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Yusuhara Town Hall

Kengo Kuma and Associates

Asia | Yusuhara

The appearance, smell, texture and even sound of wood are all sensations Kengo Kuma wants to convey with his architecture. For Kuma, the architect’s mission is to stimulate, or rather, reawaken our senses, all too often buried under the weight of modern-day concrete boxes. Quality architecture means providing an experience so that “setting foot in a building… is like feeling”, says Kuma. And this he achieves with materials, dialogue with the location, and harmony with nature. Kuma taps into much of the traditional Japanese aesthetic where the relationship between exterior and interior, the built and natural world is paramount.Yusuhara is a small town of about 4,700 inhabitants on the verdant, mountainous island of Shikoku, one of the least populated areas of the Japanese archipelago. The region of Yusuhara is a natural habitat of the Japanese cedar, known as sugi, a tree that can grow...

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