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The White Chapel

Jun Aoki & Associates

Asia | Osaka

A highly original work this wedding chapel by Jun Aoki, a Japanese architect who is gaining increasing kudos on the international scene. Aoki is especially concerned with natural light and the effect it casts with its passing. Here the light that penetrates into the interior through fully glazed facades is filtered by a variety of materials, from organdy to semi-transparent walls.
Aoki’s declared aim is to create spaces where organic and geometrical forms co-exist, each drawing from the other to add meaningful depth. While a building facade must be representative, he says, it must not simple project a two-dimensional image but trigger a play of light and shadow. Here Aoki has really put into practice what he calls a “porous” wall. Removing the corners from a series of tetrahedrons, and describing a circle around the remaining solid surfaces, he then proceeded...

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