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Seijo Town Houses

SANAA Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa

Asia | Tokyo

This Kazuyo Sejima project is doubtless a prototype, one in which the architect is proposing what she calls “new spatial experiences”.
Indeed this residential complex presents many themes dear to Sejima. Not least her abiding interest over the last 20 years in the confines of buildings. Sejima has always been concerned with the borders of things, proposing different types of edges and margins. On occasion she has used the interstice to circumvent a building, relate differently to the external landscape, or simply to conclude in dissolvency.
For Sejima, rather than “definite confines”, boundaries are “possible concessions”. It follows that her buildings exude a very different spatial feel. There are times when you arrive at a particular point to get the impression you are somewhere completely different.
This project is a medley of twenty small buildings, each with a...

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