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21_21 Design Sight

Tadao Ando Architect & Associates

Asia | Tokyo

Tokyo Midtown, a very recent major urban development, is located in Azabu, part of the Yamanote district situated west of the Imperial Palace near the Roppongi hills. The area stretches into the hilly districts of Yamanote, part of the ancient city of Edo, the former Tokyo that dates back to 1600. It was home to the Daimyo, or feudal lords, who were obliged by the shogun to take up residence in Edo, in the gardens and parks of these hills.
With the Maiji restoration, their huge estates became public property and were turned into university and ministerial sites. Until the 90s, the Roppongi district was best known for its vibrant nightlife and coffee shops. The Asahi TV building was a neighbourhood landmark, along with a major site of Tokyo University, the Institute for Industrial Research and Technology and a complex belonging to the Ministry of Defence. In 2003, the television...

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