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The Avenida Insurgentes is a major thoroughfare running north/south through Mexico City and intersecting, at an oblique angle, the Paseo de la Reforma, the principal artery of the Mexican capital. Reforma has nationalistic monuments and mature trees and, more recently, ambitious skyscrapers lining its edges. Insurgentes is less grand, with a mixture of business premises and apartment houses divided by a steady stream of traffic. Just north of Reforma, a somewhat mysterious structure is aligned flush with Insurgentes. It hovers above an extensive ground plane.
This is a fire station evocatively named Ave Fénix after the phoenix, that mythological bird reborn through fire. The new facility replaces a nightclub that burned down, with tragic loss of life, in October 2000.
Ave Fénix presents itself to the bustling avenue as a glistening façade, a taut billboard stretched across the...

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