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NIO Architecten

Europa | Almere

The project by Nio Architecten is part of a residential neighbourhood of low-rise buildings running along the Hoge Vaart canal in Tussen de Vaarten, Almere, near Amsterdam.
Two distinct groups of buildings are here deliberately contrasted. The first, a sinuous row of five 3-storey blocks, follows the Hoge Vaart canal for its entire length of 400 metres. Each block overlooks a reflective pool of water separating it from the road and canal. The five blocks contain 119 innovative style apartments.
The second group comprises eight housing rows, of either two or three storeys, set at right angles to the first group. While smaller than the long buildings along the canal, the second group is also landmarked by a small watercourse running through its midst. The 79 residential buildings of this second group are more traditional in style and layout.
The group of five blocks...

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