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Interview with Amanda Levete, Future Systems

Amanda Levete

Interview with Amanda Levete, Future Systems
By Alessandra Orlandoni -

Architect and designer. Born at Bridgend, UK, she studied at the Architectural Association. She worked first with Alsop & Lyall and then with Richard Rogers & Partners. In 1989 she teamed up with Future Systems, becoming co-director with, as well as life and work companion of, Jan Kaplicky. Her contribution has given a concrete boost to Future Systems’ research, crowned in 1999 by the Stirling Prize for the NatWest Media Centre. Recently the two partners have divided up roles and duties, though they continue to work under the name of Future Systems. Amanda Levete has done design projects for Salviati, Alessi, Established & Sons. On architectural projects and temporary installations she has worked with internationally renowned artists.

Alessandra Orlandoni - Your first experience was with Alsop & Lyall, then with Richard Rogers & Partners and ultimately Future Systems, which you are still co-directing with Jan Kaplicky. For both of you the concrete expression of years of theory and experiment until in due course you came to the decision to give your individual personalities more breathing space.
How far did the previous experiences contribute to your understanding the right course; I mean, how did they help you decide what to do and what not to do?
Amanda Levete - Will Alsop was my tutor when I was a student at A.A.
I worked for him on my year out. I was still “wet behind the ears” and I can’t say I was all that influenced by a work association that was necessary for me in order to finish a study cycle. Working for Richard was another kettle of fish. That was my first real job after university.
I think he’s the most extraordinary man one can possibly work with: a mentor, a Renaissance man with bags of talent. Which makes him able to spot talent in a co-worker, get them to express it and give them his support. Working in his firm meant drinking in the stuff you needed to...

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