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The tenuous threshold

The threshold has shifted – and not just metaphorically. The border between outside and in is becoming more and more tenuous. Nature comes indoors and indoors projects outwards. Drawing rooms are beginning to look like winter gardens full of plants whose daylight filters through glass skyscraper walls, crystal diaphragms betwixt out and in. Patios and terraces are furnished like drawing rooms with padded upholstery in the new textiles that withstand rain and UV rays. Paola Lenti, for example, has come up with two exclusive products to cover her chairs, “Rope” and “Aquatech”. The former is woven by hand or machine in modified polyolefinic yarn. The latter derives from a polyamidic thread that is processed to take on the appearance and consistency of natural straw.
There is growing hybridisation of categories. Garden furniture adorns kitchens and living rooms making all the gadgets...

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