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Metzo College

Erick van Egeraat

Europa | Doetinchem

The new Metzo College building in the city of Doetinchem in the East of The Netherlands houses a trade school and sports facility accessible to the public outside school hours. Completed in 2006 and winner of the dutch award for new secondary school architecture, the complex replaces three previous schools and has a total surface area of
16,400 sqm catering for around 1,300 students aged between 12 and 16.
Architect practice Erick van Egeraat developed a design in keeping with new thinking in vocational training. Accordingly, the architecture creates opportunities for interchange among student groups and accommodates the wide offering of practical and theoretical subjects, including health education and counselling.
A compact, square shaped, ground plan rises to form a six-storey truncated pyramid. A distinctive feature in an open slightly undulating landscape dotted...

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