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Trutec Office Building

Barkow Leibinger Architects

For European-trained architects, building within a specific environment or urban context is a major concern whatever the brief. Now that architectural practices have spread their wings to all corners of the globe, however, the mindset of architects for whom “location” is synonymous with history and consolidated building techniques faces new challenges. In Asia, and especially in the digital media capitals of the world, place, history and traditional building methods may seem irrelevant, transitory or imported from outside. Here location and context contain but do not necessarily define architecture. The 11-storey, 55 m high Trutec Building for offices and showrooms and a five-level underground car park stands in one of the last undeveloped areas of Seoul. The striking fractal-geometry, reflective glass cladding is mounted on a dense modular grid (height 4.2 m and base 2.7 m). Part...

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