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Mambo, Modern Art museum


One of Italy’s historic cultural centres, Bologna has been the focus of an intense urban regeneration scheme. The city’s former tobacco factory has been turned into a visual arts centre - called in deference to its former name, “Manifattura delle Arti” - with a multi-purpose area at the “Salara”, and nearby theatrical laboratories for the Dams University Faculty. The municipal film archives and library are now housed in the former slaughterhouse. First conceived in 1999, the MAMBo project to provide a new location for the city’s Modern Art Museum is part of this revitalisation programme. The location chosen, a former bread factory, was a particularly difficult brief. The complex, comprising a series of buildings that had grown up over time, had to reflect the contemporary nature of the institution it housed as a venue that goes beyond the classical idea of a museum as a container, to...

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