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Acquario Fluviale

Promontório Architects

Europa | Mora

The Portuguese firm of architects Promontório have come up with a series of plans for a river aquarium, environmental research and conservation centre near Mora, in the region of Alentejo south of Lisbon. The surrounding Gameiro ecological park offers a fund of landscape features and teaching potential eminently suited to this particular brief: enhancing tourist resources. Amid the gently rolling Alentejo countryside with its woods, cork plantations and olive groves, the architectural project takes its cue from the simple traditional rural dwellings, or “montes” - a single-storey building with a pitched roof. The river aquarium complex likewise hugs the ground avoiding all prominence or relief amid the horizontal planes of the landscape. The perimeter is formed of a sequence of white pre-fab cement buttresses suggesting a broad portico or pergola with the various elements of the...

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