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Premio Internazionale “Architettura Sostenibile” 2007

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The topical themes of the environment and sustainability, which architecture reflects throughout the various phases of building, form an important part of high-level design competitions. One such, the by now well-established International Award “Sustainable Architecture”, affords a cross-section of projects at the planning stage or already put into practice, within a comparative “supra-national” framework. This year at its fourth edition, the award is promoted by Fassa Bortolo, leader in the building materials sector, in collaboration with the Ferrara Architecture Faculty. The aim is to stimulate design innovation in the context of bio-architecture; entries are assessed for architectural quality and sustainability. The competition falls into two sections: “works realised” and “degree theses”. For the 2007 edition the first prize for realised works was won by the design team of...

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