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Ochoalcubo House

Sebastián Irarrázaval

The guiding idea of the project “ochoalcubo” is something of a utopian resolution: to build high quality, high efficiency residential buildings giving full freedom of design to the architects. The first phase of the venture is materialising in Chile at a tourist resort called Marbella 160 kms north from the capital Santiago. The site forms part of a whole ‘village’ extending to the building of hotels, conference centres, communal facilities and a golf course. The attractions of this site as it shelves towards the ocean are set off by the landscaping project. Juan Grimm, in charge of this, intervenes sparingly, picking out the natural cornice of sea coast and sloping foothill. Eduardo Godoy, the mind behind the whole scheme, summoned eight Chilean architects of differing generations, all with study/work experience at an international level, to put on a...

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