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Interview with Patrizia Moroso

Patrizia Moroso

Alessandra Orlandoni - Your title could be the ‘Woman of Italian Design’, the woman who saved the family firm by going for creativity and intuition, taking a chance with new names and bypassing the rules of marketing. The process is as important as the result, if not more so. 

What’s your story?

Patrizia Moroso - I come from the town of Udine and at the end of the Seventies, when I arrived in Bologna to attend the DAMS Faculty, I got to know a group of Bolognese comic strip artists who called themselves Valvoline. I think it was through a friend of mine, Lorenzo Mattotti, that I got to know Giorgio Carpinteri, Igor Tuveri - nicknamed Igort - and Marcello Jori, who was a painter and artist. Their inspiration was deliberately a mixed bag of references. That was where I learned to love “corrupted things”. Pure things don’t...

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