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Oribe Tea House

Kengo Kuma and Associates

“Poets translate the enchantment of matter into images…” Gaston Bachelard, Causeries Whilst honouring the grand-master of porcelain, Furuta Oribe (1544-1615), Kuma’s Pavilion tests an experimental use of alveolar polycarbonate to form a temporary installation. In keeping with zen aesthetics, we have here a purely contemplative space, a starting void from which Kuma “imagines matter”, exploring its scope from within its “genetic coding”. Matter as the generator of composition strategies is the principle that Kuma harnesses as he seeks to snatch stable structures of meaning out of the endless flux of energy coursing through matter: a memory trace, as it were, “mnemonic energy”. This build-it-yourself pavilion was a teaching experiment involving students from the Siracusa Architecture Faculty (Prof. L. Alini) and their counterparts from Ascoli Piceno (Prof. M. Perriccioli). A joint...

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