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Alejandro Aravena

Le Corbusier’s first large-scale project was a complex of fifty-one worker family homes at Pessac near Bordeaux: the Quartiers Modernes Frugès. Henry Frugès, a rich businessman of avant-garde artistic and social leanings, commissioned Le Corbusier to design his workers a set of dwellings combining modern architectural expression with the bourgeois comforts of the new century, this time reserved for the proletarians: showers, indoor bathrooms, heating. Le Corbusier’s response to this in 1927 drew on all the architectural principles he had devised, though the pillars and roof-terraces were soon to be masked from sight by the inmates themselves. Despite being viewed at first as a symbol of failure on the part of Modernism, Pessac forms the paradigm of the twentieth century’s contribution to urban life. The Quartiers Frugès provide a model of group cohesion ensuring the relationship of...

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