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Condominium Trnovski Pristan

Sadar Vuga Arhitekti

The Trnovski Pristan apartment building in Ljubljana , Slovenia, is sited near the Ljubljanica river amidst luxuriant vegetation. Comprising 15 apartments of differing typologies, the building is a dynamic series of irregular, segmented volumes. Irregularity of shape is heightened by the apparently random array of large garden-balconies. The underlying architectural programme is to create a symbiotic link between this striking volume and its internal and external environments. To do this, young architects Sadar Vuga (SVA) have created huge, “blown-up” windows, jutting balconies and communal transition areas like the atrium and winter garden. Stylised natural forms decorate the glazed façade and parapets while the communal garden interconnects with the private space of the balconies. The interconnection continues into the apartments themselves. Typically, Sadar Vuga have discarded conventional technical, topological and typological definitions in favour of explicit architectural “formulae” to express their conceptual purpose. The outsized windows with their black metal frames define space and disrupt volumetric proportions, seemingly placing the structural frame over, and not under, the whole building. The multi-coloured, “pixellated”, ceramic mosaic cladding of the façade lends a further dynamic quality to the architecture. The brighter (yellow) “pixels” blend with the “natural pixels” of the leaves on trees in the garden and along the path. Façade colours have been carefully graduated, with black shades closest to the dark window frames. During the day when the glass darkens on exposure to sunlight, the black wall softens the stark shapes of the dark window...

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