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Two Houses

Geza Gri e Zucchi Associati

The two houses stand on a hill at Moruzzo, north of Udine. Inside the overall building lot other plots have already been developed. The two buildings designed by Geza Studio (Gri e Zucchi Associati) are on the crown of the hill in a prime position. The basic ideas behind the project are to find an interrelation between the two houses, expand the accommodation space outwards, and make a novel use of materials with traditional finishings, achieving harmony of setting and architectural language. These dwellings aspire to a higher quality of living than is usual with terraced accommodation: a blend of neighbourliness and privacy. Built on a north-south axis, the buildings have minimal party walls; their main living spaces are aligned in parallel facing south and the two entranceways are subtly offset. In their layout the two homes roughly mirror one another on a broad “L” plan which is more...

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