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Edificio residenziale e commerciale

Palù & Bianchi Architetti

Europa | Cremona

A residential project in the city of Cremona, comprising a mixture of single-room and double-room flats, large-scale quarters and commercial premises: the new building, which replaces an agglomeration of artisan workshops, faces onto a tree-lined avenue just outside the old town centre along the course of the medieval city walls which were demolished at the beginning of the last century. The design, by architects Giorgio Palù and Michele Bianchi, features a number of accretions to the cube-like regularity of the building block which break up the frontage on the avenue side and affect room arrangement within. In keeping with the apparent simplicity of outline is a subtle personalising of the exterior achieved through technical dexterity. The regular modular layout of the inside volumes is a focus that shifts as the room arrangement interlocks and overlaps. Within the limited scale of an...

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