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A private house

Geza Gri e Zucchi Associati

Europa | Udine

For this project at Tarcento (near Udine), the Geza studio (Gri e Zucchi Associati) started with a site containing a number of largish buildings of mixed early twentieth-century styles. The brief was to fit an extension on the master-building, landscape the open ground and put in a new garage on the sloping hillside. The grounad is partly flat and partly on a steep slope. The three constructions on it were the master-building, an outbuilding and a greenhouse. The challenge with the extension was how to blend the notion of connecting to, yet differentiating from, the pre-existing four-square building. Once the outhouses appended to the main house had been demolished, and the latter fully restored, the design task was to highlight the contrast of the new addition while giving rhythm to the various elevations. The new architectural addition connects directly onto the historical building...

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