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“Casa de La Mujer”

Guido Moretti

Africa | Tindouf

Casa de la Mujer a multi-purpose, humanitarian centre for Saharawi refugees funded by international cooperation, is located in the desert region of Rabouni (Tindouf), Algeria. A training centre of the National Union of Saharawi Women, it mostly concentrates on computer literacy courses.

Built in six months by a local builder and his team of young workers, the structure was completed in June 2006. Furnishing is now being completed with the installation of a satellite dish at ground level outside the building.

The construction is in the traditional building style found in Mali, southern Algeria and Hassan Fathy in Upper Egypt. Spatial organisation is simple: a 15 m square block crossed by a central corridor with a barrel vaulted roof leads off to four domed volumes. Inserted between two volumes are two small courts with openings to the outside and accessible from...

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