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Berliner Bogen

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Straddling a canal, the Berliner Bogen office complex in Hamburg ingeniously makes available 32,000 sq.m of rentable space, the equivalent of some 1,200 work stations. Poised over the final stretch of a long canal as it enters the city centre, the building runs for about 140 metres supported by steel arches and struts on each side of the bank, and rises some 36 metres. It forms a connection between the canal and Anckelmannsplatz, an important road junction in south-east central Hamburg, so linking waterway and city.

The concept is that of a “house within a house”: the inner structure’s floors are suspended from the outer steel arches while an outer glazed skin encompasses the whole. The double skin design creates six trapeze-shaped winter gardens that also act as thermal buffers between the interior and exterior spaces. 

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