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2006 International “Sustainable Architecture” Award

In collaboration with the University of Ferrara’s Architecture Faculty, Fassa Bortolo set up the International Sustainable Architecture Award in 2003 to give impetus to research into sustainable building. The 2006 edition was won by Edoardo Milesi for his winery at Collemassari, Italy. This “wooden box” building stands amid the neat rows of vines. 

The wine-making areas, storerooms and equipment housing are dug into the hillside. The only visible aspect of the building is the white elevation containing the out-of-ground volumes, its concrete frame opposing the thrust of the hilly terrain. Temperature and ventilation control are ensured by a ‘bioclimatic’, natural passive system. A wooden-slat curtain wall helps control thermal inertia and acts as a light filter along with the low-emissivity, frosted glazing. Titanium-zinc panels provide...

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