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Richard Meier in New York

Richard Meier & Partners Architects

The towers at the end of Perry Street, clad in glass and in white aluminium panels, are gentle sentinels on the western flank of Manhattan. They signal the rise, in New York, of contemporary architect-designed apartment buildings, a surprisingly recent phenomenon in this metropolis of disposable income and raw design ambition. And also a fresh new phase in the career of Richard Meier. Meier’s first major work in Manhattan, the Perry Street towers are a synthesis of sophisticated architecture, extraordinary site (panoramic views up and down the Hudson), and high-profile residents (gossip columns list Calvin Klein, Nicole Kidman and Martha Stewart as investors). These two towers have now been joined by a third Meier project, immediately to the south, at 165 Charles Street.
With one open-shell apartment per floor, the Perry Street towers are not identical. The north building is...

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