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Brosmith Residence

SPFa Pali Fekete

America settentrionale | Los Angeles

The Brosmith Residence, a single-family villa, is sited on a ridgeline overlooking the Mulholland Scenic Parkway, a road running above the San Fernando Valley in Southern California.
The project’s spatial design harnesses the panoramic views of the valley below, making them an integral part of the house, and accessible from the common living areas, with their full-height glazed walls, and the outdoor courts. Inside and out form one continuous living space. The main patio is designed so that the glass-like swimming pool seems to disappear over the horizon on the site’s northern edge.
The succession of common living areas is flanked by the central spine, a long corridor leading off to separate living pods comprising the bedrooms, children’s room, and guest quarters.
Each pod is an independent unit connected independently to the central spine. This allows interaction with...

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