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Fendi Showroom

Peter Marino Architects

America settentrionale | New York

Peter Marino’s design idea takes its cue from the Fendi tradition dating back to the Twenties in Rome. A strong link is seen between the city and the brand. This results in the choice of quintessentially Roman materials, such as travertine with its horizontal striations, cobblestones and rust encrusting the marble fountains. In his design Marino hints at Roman architectural motifs, but then uses avant-garde technology typical of so-called “non standard” architecture. His mandate was first and foremost to design a “store prototype”, an “architectural concept” embodying the brand identity. The prototype would then be developed by Marino’s studio, as well as by Fendi technical staff and various local architects, in drawing up plans for individual stores across the globe.
Although plans for the individual store were theoretically to be kept in line with an approved design archetype, it...

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