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Stabilimento Balneare Lago del Segrino

Marco Castelletti Studio di Architettura

Europa | Como

The new recreation and sports facility, built on a level site on the southern shore of lake Segrino, is surrounded by the park of the same name. Designed to boost the park’s recreational appeal, the long, low building (l 90 m, h 3 m), wedged between road and lake shore, dialogues with its natural surrounds. The entrance is connected to a cycle path running parallel to the road.
The façade facing the road and cycle path acts as a perimeter wall enclosing the park. The cast-in-place concrete was mixed with special oxides to give a finished texture similar to the outcropping rock on the other side of the road. So as not to obstruct lake views from the path, the roof of this single storey building lies below the eye line of passers-by. The entrance is denoted by a tower and connects directly to the cycle path via two pedestrian ramps that continue on down to the lakeside. The...

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