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Residence in Garrigàs

Boncompte & Font Arquitectes

The building melds with its environment, the three concrete levels slotted into the hillside and surrounded by natural vegetation and green lawns. The first level contains the garage and a bedroom suite. The main living areas are on the two upper floors: a long, linear structure resting on the ground, its solid rear wall backed up against the sloping terrain, and a jutting third-level wood structure, open on all sides.
The underlying programme of this architectural project is the building’s constant rapport with its natural surrounds. The interior is for use only at night and during bad weather. Every room - set in linear sequence - gives on to a pergola-covered forecourt - even the bathrooms. To achieve this, traditional distribution arrays have been discarded and the corridor placed at the rear. The main entrances open into the dining and living rooms. The master bedroom is set...

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