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Interview with Toyo Ito

Toyo Ito & Associates

Alessandra Orlandoni - At the beginning of your career, as happens to many architects, you worked on small projects - the White U house, the Tower of Winds. Then you gradually became occupied with more complex buildings.
Today you take in a whole range of scales, from the small object, like the projects for Alessi and Horm, to huge buildings like the Mahler 4 - Block 5 in Amsterdam and the extension at the Fira de Barcelona, Montjuic-2.
Technological issues have always been an integral part of your research, but after the Sendai Mediatheque, your work seems more “techno-organic”. There’s a continuity and fluidity about it, whatever the scale. How do you manage these different scales of project?
Toyo Ito - When I do a small scale project like objects or furnishing accessories, the jump from idea to prototype is almost immediate. Things...

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