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Marco Guarnieri & Lea Katz in Tel Aviv

Marco Guarnieri | Lea Katz

Asia | Tel Aviv

35 year old Marco Guarnieri is one of a rare breed of young Italian architects who have established their practice and home in London.This pivotal position enables him to enjoy “the best of both worlds” - the more peaceful coastal city of Trieste where he was born and the cultural stimulation of life in metropolitan London which has already deeply inscribed its influence on him.
He first came to London in 1996 on a six month scholarship at the Architectural Association where he found that the most exciting Diploma Unit was being run by architects Alejandro Zaera Polo and Farshid Moussavi, co-directors of Foreign Office Architects (FOA). After studying architecture at the University of Venice (IUAV) for four years during his year out in 1998 he worked for Zaha Hadid before returning to the AA to become a student in FOA’s AA Unit. Developing techniques for spatial and material...

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