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House Peng

Behet Bondzio Lin Architects

Asia | Taichung

This innovative, 900sqm, multi-storey villa was built in Taichung, one of Taiwan’s major cities, a tropical neon-lit conglomeration at the centre of a high-tech industrial district. Set in a narrow rectangular plot surrounded by other constructions, the building’s front elevation facing the street announces the compositional theme: the juxtaposition of alternating solids and voids, opaque and transparent surfaces. Bands of regular-shaped volumes intersect, separating or uniting the different blocks of the building. In this interplay, interiors and exteriors enjoy a seamless continuity.
On the exterior, the orthogonal shaped voids are the garden, courts and terraces. On the interior, staggered, double-height volumes interconnect, creating the same seamless continuity. The glazed-wall day zone is one functional area, giving views from the “exhibition gallery” through to the linear...

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