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“Els Colors” Nursery School

RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes

Europa | Barcellona

The architecture of the nursery school in Manlleu, is one of straight lines. Two long, low blocks are linked by a third transverse element to create an enclosed outdoor space. The multi-purpose connecting structure is the core of the whole complex. As well as containing the entrance atrium, a staircase to the upper level, and an open, covered walkway between the two blocks, it formally separates the ‘classrooms’ - divided according to the needs of the various age groups - from the collective areas, services, kitchen, storeroom, laundry and bathrooms. Throughout, the brilliant colours - yellow/green, orange, red and blue - of the facade cladding and glazing highlight the juxtaposition of volumes. The overall effect is of an architectural ensemble that appears more complex than it really is, an interesting reflection on RCR’s projects.
The main entrance is located on the side of one...

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