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Interview with Ron Arad

Ron Arad Architects

Alessandra Orlandoni – It’s just like Matrix Reloaded; I opened the door and found myself in a different world. There’s a red laser in the toilet…
Ron Arad – When it’s occupied, everybody knows because the red light is on. So we avoid going to the toilet.

A.O. – Of course. You were born in Israel and moved to London to study at the Architectural Association in the early seventies. Your teachers were Bernard Tschumi and Peter Cook. One of your fellow students was Zaha Hadid. Why did you choose London and the A.A.?
R.A. – Should I give you an answer?

A.O. – Well, yes. I suppose. We are doing an interview: I ask questions and you give me answers. That’s how it works, generally…
R.A. - I don’t know, honestly. I don’t know. Young people move and travel....

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