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New “La Scala” Theatre

Mario Botta

Europa | Milano

The architectural renovation of Milan’s La Scala was required to reinstate the building, overhaul the technical plant, and extend the services areas. Refurbishment also involved the masonry work and backstage machinery.
The project had several elements: conservative restoration of the historic building; enlargement of the stage tower and the building of a new, ellipsoidal, administrative and office space, called Ellissoide. The adjacent building, a former bank, will be repalced. The original 18th century building by architect Piermarini with its 19th century additions underwent conservative restoration.
The original structure and finishings were restored, subsequent add-ons removed, and the floor of the auditorium raked to provide better visibility. In order to meet new technology requirements the above ground stage tower was elevated to make way for double flies. The...

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