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Nuova Sede di Tifs Ingegneria

Studio Architetto Mar

Europa | Padova

The new headquarters of TiFS Ingegneria, in the industrial district of Padua in north east Italy, stands out for its highly distinctive architectural and structural features. Of particular note is the striking curved profile. The building is divided into three above-ground storeys. The basic structure is steel and concrete. The curved roof is supported by six 50x30 curved steel girders hinged to the ground and to supporting pillars. All other vertical and horizontal structures are in concrete while the external cladding is in titanium zinc. The north and south facades are completely glazed.
Access to the building is via a horizontal cylindrical shaped construction lying perpendicular to the curved, east façade. The full-volume hall is the focal point for the vertical and horizontal distribution system that comprises a sweeping staircase with landings on each floor. The hall gives...

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