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Casalunga Golf Club

Antonio Iascone

Europa | Bologna

Making an attractive golf facility out of a former stone quarry near Castenaso, on the immediate outskirts of Bologna, was the challenge facing Antonio Iascone. His proposal seeks to correlate architecture and landscaping, the natural environment and the historical features within it, and to make creative use of a simple open plot of land.
The basic design decision was to divide up the volumes needed for the various golf-club functions. The result is a sequence of detached low-rise horizontally extending structures abutting on the central pedestrian walkway, a prominent ground-level feature dictating the whole layout. The individual buildings serve the functions of clubhouse reception and leisure areas, sports activity facilities with changing rooms and a fitness centre, and hospitality in the form of a hotel building complex designed in a series of glass-fronted cubes. The plain...

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