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Tom Dixon’s Expressive Reductionism

When neo-baroque and neo-antique were in full flood (April 2005) and his contemporaries (Wanders, Urquiola, Boontje) were into lacework, crochet and marquetry, Tom Dixon was swimming against the stream with his reductionism.
“Am I the only one to have had his fill of flowers and decorations?” asked Tom at the presentation of his new collection in Milan. “I love botany, I don’t disdain fashion and am attracted by virtuality, but I’m becoming a fundamentalist. In this new season my studio proposes laying objects bare, stripping them of artifice and the superfluous to get to their substance, explore their vital sap and identify their souls. So what you see are the nude skeletons of aluminium chairs and bubble shaped copper-plated lamps concealing a normal light bulb… Reductionism does not mean depriving objects of their character and emotional force. It does mean concentrating on the...

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