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Shipping and Transport College

Neutelings Riedijk

The whole process is predicated on an intuition. Appearance, form, and primary exterior features, even the building’s function and liveability all take their cue from an initial leap of the imagination. Yet though Neutelings & Riedijk let their instinct define the character of the building - light-hearted, ironic yet monumental – its realisation is the result of meticulously detailed creative programming. They break down client requirements, examine the possibilities and determinate which aspects deserve more time and money. It is a synthesis of pragmatism and ecstasy where the architect, he who gives form to client demands, becomes the creator of value added.
It is no surprise that Neutelings & Riedijk define their buildings as ‘sculptures’. The profile of the Shipping and Transport College is a lighthouse, an intangible beacon along the river, a watchtower over the sea...

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